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Meet the stars of our show

Tali Missilian, Chef

Born and raised in San Francisco, Chef Tali’s love for food and cooking started at an early age. With a background in both Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine and a passion for bold fresh flavors, she seamlessly blends timeless culinary techniques with seasonal, regional ingredients to create truly unforgettable dishes for our guests. At Corzetti, she showcases the robust flavors and traditional recipes of Liguria utilizing the fresh, locally sourced ingredients that California is renowned for.

Chef Tali has built an impressive resume working her way through some of the San Francisco’s top restaurants, like A16, Noosh, NOPA, a Mano and The Tailor’s Son. In all her years of cooking, Tali has learned that the best dishes are the simplest, and she believes that quality ingredients and time-honored techniques come together to create meals that people have turned to for generations.

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Raegan Hall, General Manager

A 20-year veteran of the industry, Raegan lives to make guests feel at home in her dining room. Originally from Kansas City, she moved to San Francisco in 1998 and quickly began paving her way in the city’s bustling restaurant scene, opening the iconic Town Hall and growing the Stock & Bones Group with Salt House and Anchor & Hope. 

Working as a General Manager at various restaurants within the company, as well as branching out to open a new location of the groundbreaking fast-fine restaurant, Souvla, and building the staff of a high-concept food hall in Oakland, Raegan solidified her reputation as a highly sought after hospitality and operations pro. At Corzetti, Raegan has built an incredible staff and culture thanks to her well-honed skills, genuine love of hospitality, and passion for curating unforgettable guest experiences.

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